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Lemon Poppyseed Scones

I’m pretty amused that a good portion of my posts are food-related, since I initially set out to make this a mostly-craft blog. But cooking is edible crafting, and lately it seems to be the only creative thing I do, given that my hands are swollen and stiff in my last month of pregnancy. (See […]

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Awesome vegan, soy-free pumpkin pie!

I love pie! Despite the fact that I’ve relaxed my diet a bit during pregnancy and I’m now much more omnivorous, all my baking is still vegan. I don’t like eggs and I don’t drink milk, so why have them in the house just for baking? It’s too much trouble!! So this Thanksgiving, I wanted […]

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Curried Sweet Potato Soup

Daniel really likes sweet potatoes. He bought two bags of them at Trader Joe’s on a recent trip and has been steadily eating his way through them. I haven’t had the same desire to eat them as he has, but browsing through recipes online the other day, I found a recipe for African Sweet Potato […]

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Sloppy Joes!

This dish has become a staple in my house – delicious, very fast, and filling. It’s based off the Snobby Joes recipe from the¬†Veganomicon. The first time we made it, we didn’t have half the ingredients the original recipe called for, so we improvised. It was really yummy and since then I’ve never felt the […]

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Vegan Valentine – Strawberry Cherry Muffins

Happy Valentine’s Day!! I woke up this morning wanting to make some muffins for Daniel and me, and since it’s Valentine’s Day, I thought it would be fun to make them pink. With the use of strawberry pur√©e, I made them a light, natural shade of pink with no added food coloring. I also used […]

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Orange Scones

Thanksgiving at the Moore family orange ranch was amazing, with cousins, uncles, aunts, and grandparents coming from all over to visit: about 30 people in total to feed. Even my parents drove up from San Diego to join us! We ate lemon-poppyseed scones for breakfast while we prepared the big feast. They came from a […]

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Scones Aplenty

Aside from having a delicious vegan tofu scramble that I can order right off the menu with no modifications, Berkeley’s Sconehenge always (and not surprisingly) makes me crave scones. The last time I ate there, right after Halloween, I finally resolved that I would make some vegan scones, and right when we got back from […]

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