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Day 31 – better late than never

So yes, I did actually wear a dress on March 31, the last day in the challenge, but then I forgot to post my picture of it. That was the hardest thing about the challenge, really, was to remember to take and post the pictures. This dress (as well as the sweater and purse) came […]

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Days 18 to 30 – Almost Done!

March is almost over, and with it, the Month with no Jeans challenge. I’ve almost made it, though yesterday would have been a day where I’d really loved to have worn jeans since it was a rather wet, drizzly day! My bro-in-law David is visiting us and yesterday he and I drove out to UC […]

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Days 8 to 17 on my Vintage Dress Form

Despite the fact that putting clothes on a dress form is like dressing a large, awkward Barbie (albeit with no arms), it was way easier to model and photograph my outfits for the last week-ish on the dress form than on myself. So downside, fewer pictures of me modeling in silly poses, but upside, faster, […]

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Days 4, 5, 6, and 7 – a very busy weekend!

Thursday was a very full day. I needed to be comfortable, since I was going to be on my feet for most of the day. I started out at the House on the Hill, where the women in the program showcased their beautiful handmade blankets. It was great to see the results of their hard […]

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Day 3 – More from Erin

This dress is another that Erin gave to me from her closet a while back, and I assume it is also from Ross. The black peep-toe pumps came from Target several years ago. The earrings were an experiment at jewelry class last night which turned out quite well. They are made of copper, which is […]

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Day 2 – Neutrals & Stripes!

Today I’m wearing a little grey sweater jumper which Erin gave to me a long time ago. She didn’t wear it much when she had it, and I didn’t either. No time like the present! It’s paired with a little black empire-waisted top, which matches the waistline of the jumper, another item which sits unworn in […]

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March – a month without jeans

Every time I see a cute dress or a great outfit, I think, “I want to wear that!” For my birthday I bought myself Cal Patch’s amazing Design-It-Yourself Clothes. It’s a step-by-step guide to drafting patterns and creating custom-fit clothes. I have made a few patterns so far and am now in the muslin stage of […]

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