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Tea Caddy from Recycled Cardboard

This morning after brunch I was overcome with the urge to clear out my tea cupboard and organize it. People who have had a cup of tea when they’ve come over to my house know very well that I have an overwhelming number of tea choices. I usually start helping people narrow it down by […]

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Elastic laced shoes for pregnant women (or lazy people!)

I am getting to the point in my pregnancy where it’s a pain to tie my shoes. I can still do it, but the baby bump in the way is getting bigger all the time, and I have to sit down, rather than just bending over and tying them like I used to before I […]

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Five-Minute iPod/iPhone App!

There are times throughout the day that I really want a quick and easy app to record data – gas mileage, shopping lists, etc. (I admit, gathering and graphing data points is a lot of fun for me.) The problem with native iPod or iPhone apps is that a lot of data gets stored locally, […]

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Mini Library Card

I go to the library a lot. I hate spending money on books since I read quickly, and then I don’t clutter the house with even more books than I already have. The thing is, I often forget my library card, which makes checking out the books tricky. I move things from purse to pocket […]

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