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No pictures for a while

I think my little Olympus FE-280 point-and-shoot camera just bit the dust. That, or it is the cable that connects the camera to my computer is faulty, but either way, I can’t get the pictures out of my camera just now. Both my MacBook and Daniel’s Windows XP machine fail to recognize that any USB […]

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Taking a break from packing!

Packing all my stuff sure is hard work! I am trying to get my craft room organized and packed today, and I have more craft stuff than I ever realized. But hey, I found a lot of stuff I had been looking for! Daniel and I got our apartment in Sunnyvale over the weekend and […]

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RoboHero and other adventures

Daniel works with several interns at his office, and together they have been developing a card game and Facebook app called RoboHero. This weekend he and the interns got together to work on the game, and I came along to help. Check out these photos from the dev session, and then check out http://robohero.com/. (And […]

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