I always thought I'd say "Thank you, Mood" when I visited, and not, "I'm so sorry, Mood!"

I’m Lana Moore!

I live on an orange farm with my husband and two small children. Keeping them happy is a full-time job, but I still manage to squeeze in some time to knit or draw or sew whenever I can. Even though the days of crafting away an entire afternoon (ok, entire day) are gone, the joy of giving my kids something I made by hand makes up for it.

I love the challenge of designing something and ripping it out or starting over and trying again until I make it right. I really, really love to say, “I made that!”

One day I plan to write and illustrate some clever children’s books, and maybe some strange art books for adults. And maybe get a dog. And some sheep. Or alpacas. And a pony for the kids.

<-- We visited Mood when we were in New York. I happily browsed with Evan in my arms while David watched Lelly up at the front of the store. She befriended a guard, and was rearranging some books on a rack above a dog bowl of water when I came back. Shortly after she saw me, she knocked the books into the water, spilling it everywhere. Luckily, the books were well-wrapped in plastic! I happened to have a towel with me in the stroller, so I grabbed that and quickly handed it to David to sop up the spill. The guard said, "Where's Lelly?" and she had run off to look at trim, and was naming the colors on each spool. That was fine, but then she knocked some things off a rack, and I decided that Mood had had enough of Lelly. I never thought I'd be saying "I'm so sorry, Mood" instead of "Thank you, Mood" when I walked out of there!


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