Happy Fourth of July!

Today is a beautiful day! Daniel and I like to go out to check on our little patio container garden at least once or twice a day and see how everything is growing. We have onions and roses and thyme blooming, a green pepper that is growing steadily but surely, and last week we planted some tomato and pepper seeds and now we have tiny sprouts. I suspect the sprouts are tomatoes, based on their placement in the planter, but we shall see.

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Tonight Daniel and I are having a picnic dinner of asparagus and tomato quiche (vegan, of course), an arugula salad, fresh peaches, and cookies while we watch the sunset from the cliffs overlooking the La Jolla Cove, and then stay for the fireworks. It is a much fancier date than we usually have, so I am excited!

I started a jewelry class on Tuesday through San Diego Continuing Education. The teacher is Denise Bonaimo, who is a professional jewelry designer and has a studio in Spanish Village. Other people in my class say they have taken classes from Denise before and she was great. I have a good feeling about this summer then, since I am taking a total of three classes from Denise in nine weeks.

This first class covered simple beaded wire loops. Since I have been incorporating little beaded links in my jewelry for some time now, I figured out the basic method for creating these loops on my own through trial and error. However, in the class I learned some more professional techniques for holding the pliers and bending the wire which are working well for me and helping me turn nicer, more consistent loops. I went through the handouts Denise gave us and read ahead to the instructions for spirals. Using these techniques and a neat idea Daniel had, I came up with a cute necklace and some charms for a future bracelet. I made them in blue-tinted copper wire, which looks really pretty with the blue beads I paired it with.

p7040018 p7040019 p7040020

I need to get some heavier-gauge sterling silver wire; all I have now is 22 gauge. The blue copper wire is 20 gauge which is nice for the spirals, and it is cheap and fun to play with, but I find that it is all too easy for my pliers to scratch off the blue coating, leaving copper scratches. Some 20 gauge and maybe 18 gauge sterling wire would be cool. We will also be making wrapped loops and wire wrapping beads so I will see what wire gauges will be good for those applications as well.

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  1. Jonathan
    Posted July 5, 2009 at 10:06 am | Permalink

    I bet you could figure out a way to put those copper colored scratches to good use, in the right piece.

  2. Posted July 5, 2009 at 10:15 am | Permalink

    Hey, that is a good idea. I like it!


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