Of grapes and stars and a golden pegasus

There was a beautiful young girl named Kate. She bought a red balloon that was as high as the stars. She decided to jump in a boot with a mouse and fly through the wind. She did. She landed in a big field full of hill-clouds with smoke coming out. When she landed she saw an oompa-loompa right in front of her and they went to space. They were very nice and friendly but mean and ferocious.

One day a golden pegasus was wandering through the woods when she met a talking grape. He told her to walk through the giant doors to see a girl who was half tree, half clock, with soldiers coming out. When she saw the soldiers she said to her mom, “Can I have some ice?” She loved ice so much that she can jump in a well. I was about to scream but I just kept quiet, scared that someone would find out, but then this box was sitting there with flowers and the flowers were growing. I backed away. I was scared.

A comet came. What’s gonna happen? I’ve got to help! Now I was scared, so I went to a priest. He had a head that was like a bird’s. He told me that I would soon be running down a domino track while I was almost getting crushed by dominoes. He also told me that I would meet a live clock with a red riding hood cape on, and when she did, she said to the clock, “Can I have a map?”

One day there was a bear. The bear lived in an icy place. The place was a very dark cave. I went through not knowing what to do. I saw a bat. I ducked. I tripped and found a monkey writing numbers on the wall. He looked at me, but the numbers looked like dates to me. I thought to myself, “I am a golden pegasus talking to a grape.” I came up to some stars that said, “Grab me, grab me.” When she did, instead of a star, it was a canoe.

One day Clair woke up and while she was getting dressed she saw a dinosaur tail hanging out, and she was part snail. The snail had a windmill on it and it looked like a moth. I mean, seriously, what thing looks like a moth? It was the most hideous thing ever, but all of a sudden it opened its mouth wide and swallowed me whole. I looked around: bones, hats, wallets, and more. I heard a noise and screamed. It was only my mouse. I picked him up and ran inside.

(This epic adventure was written collectively by my Girl Scout troop at our last meeting. Using Dixit cards for inspiration, these five short stories weave some of the same themes throughout, and take on a very cool dreamlike quality.)

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