New Knitting Pattern + Contrasaurus + HOTH

So today I have three very exciting announcements!

New knitting pattern – Heidi
Contrasaurus – Defender of the American Dream
Buy Charlotte, Benefit HOTH

New knitting pattern – Heidi

Heidi Headband
Heidi HeadbandI’m so ready for fall, with cool, crisp days perfect for my favorite knitted creations. With this as inspiration, I designed a super-cute little headband to keep my – or your! – ears toasty. Named Heidi for the braided appearance of the cable patterns crossing over the crown of the head, it’s an eye-catching design that’s easy to memorize.

I wish I’d created Heidi before the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass festival earlier this month – it was overcast, misty, and chilly, and the neckwarmer I’d pulled up around my ears was just too bulky underneath my hair. Heidi tapers at the nape of the neck for a neat profile and maximum comfort.

Heidi is available in the Store. Go get your copy of this fun little pattern now, and you’ll be wearing it in no time!

Contrasaurus – Defender of the American Dream

ContrasaurusToday marks the launch of Contrasaurus, a kick-ass game in which you, as a dinosaur, are plucked from your prehistoric existence roaming around and eating smaller dinosaurs, to play a pivotal role in helping America assist the Contras in Nicaragua in 1984. There’s machine guns, chainsaws, axes, jetpacks, and flamethrowing jaw attachments. And yes, you can use them all at the same time.

I did the background art for the game, and I have to say, I’m really pleased with how it turned out. This project was a cool learning experience for me, since I’d never designed game art before, and I was working not only to meet the expectations of the game’s creators, but also to have my art coordinate with the style of the sprites, which were done by a different artist. I used Inkscape to create all the images (yay open-source software!) and I discovered that making mediocre scenery was easy, but making vector art look bold, interesting, and not like a bunch of basic, flat shapes was quite challenging. I’m looking forward to more game projects, because this was fun!

Read about the game at

Play the game at

Buy Charlotte, Benefit HOTH

(No, not the ice planet.)

The Charlotte afghan pattern is a really special one, and so I’m proud to announce that proceeds from the sale of this pattern will benefit the House on the Hill (HOTH). It’s a nonprofit, residential substance recovery program for women that allows them to keep their children with them on-site.

I teach a crochet and knitting class there once a week, as a way for the clients to have some relaxed group time together, build friendships, and learn a new skill. Most of the women make things for their children or other family members. The free class depends entirely on donations – I volunteer my time and expertise – and we are always in need of supplies, particularly yarn. The sales from Charlotte will go directly to providing these things for the class.

Get a cool pattern, and help keep this awesome project running. What a sweet deal!

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