Violetta and Bjorn

A couple cute little amigurumi creatures wandered into my studio today and asked if they could play with Photo Booth. I said sure, so here they are!

Meet Violetta!

Violetta Violetta

She’s a pixie who hasn’t grown into her wings yet, so she spends a lot of time wandering the forest floor and hitching rides with friendly birds. Violetta’s favorite place is in the branches of an old oak tree, where she puts on her thinking cap and ponders the mysteries of the universe. She one day aspires to be the mascot for Pixie.

And this is Bjorn!

Bjorn Bjorn

Bjorn can never say no to fresh berries – blackberries and raspberries are nice after you get around the thorns, but blueberries are his favorite. He’s a very friendly bear and likes to greet everyone he sees, but not all the forest creatures speak bear and generally run away in terror, so sometimes he gets lonely. Bjorn plans to live at 208 Main Street in Los Altos for a while as a spokesbear for the Teddy Bear Picnic, but after that he’s up for anything.

Both Violetta and Bjorn are interested in finding a cool new home to live in, especially one with a nice cozy spot for them to sit. Maybe a desk? An otherwise boring shelf? Hidden in a cupboard as a surprise for a friend? Head on over to the Store and make a new friend today!

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