Days 18 to 30 – Almost Done!

March is almost over, and with it, the Month with no Jeans challenge. I’ve almost made it, though yesterday would have been a day where I’d really loved to have worn jeans since it was a rather wet, drizzly day!

My bro-in-law David is visiting us and yesterday he and I drove out to UC Santa Cruz, where he did his undergrad. He wanted to stop by and thank a couple professors for some letters of recommendation they wrote for him, and I have been wanting to see the campus but so far never made it out there.

The drive was quite nice, which is awesome since I really don’t like driving very much. It started drizzling as soon as the 17 started climbing the mountains, and the clouds and fog hugged the trees and made everything really pretty. It was a gorgeous day, and the only downside was that I was very damp by the time we went home. I also learned that my boots are not waterproof.

There were lots of cool places to explore on campus. One of my favorites was the Kresge co-op, where in addition to various foodstuffs for sale, they had little handmade crafty things on consignment. I borrowed $10 from David to buy the coolest little stuffed pal named Socktopus (a sock-octopus) made from a pair of old striped socks.

The tag on Socktopus said “Handmade by elle” but there was no website or anything. The guys who worked at the store pointed me to a zine that was created by the same girl who made Socktopus, which had her website on the back. Score! I checked out her site and she has some pretty cool line drawings and an Etsy store, too. I love Socktopus and she is now sitting on a ledge in my living room with her long legs dangling over the edge. (Check out Day 29, yesterday’s photo, to see me and Socktopus under a redwood tree.)

Before we left the campus, we also checked out the bookstore, where I saw a cool book of postcards by James Jean. I had never heard of him before yesterday but once I got home I looked him up and spent some time browsing his work on his website. His work is inspiring and makes me really want to keep working on developing my own drawing style and making my artwork more expressive.

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