Days 8 to 17 on my Vintage Dress Form

Despite the fact that putting clothes on a dress form is like dressing a large, awkward Barbie (albeit with no arms), it was way easier to model and photograph my outfits for the last week-ish on the dress form than on myself. So downside, fewer pictures of me modeling in silly poses, but upside, faster, more uniform photography.

Most of the clothes are from Target, Old Navy, Charlotte Russe, and discount places like Ross and thrift stores. The exception is the black pencil skirt from Day 10, which I designed and made myself from a lightly stretchy cotton twill blend. It is a little tight on the dress form so it looks funky in the picture, but in fact it looks great on me. It just needs a bit of adjustment at the waistband before it will fit me perfectly. I can’t seem to get waistbands right: both of the last two skirts I have designed and made wound up with a really loose waistband even though I measured carefully. I just need more practice!

So here we go, Days 8 to 17 of the Month with no Jeans challenge, in a lovely gallery for your viewing pleasure.

Readers may notice that Day 15 is missing. No, I didn’t slip up and wear jeans! That day I didn’t have any errands to run or anything to do other than work on writing and drawing, and so I stayed cozy and comfy in my PJ’s all day while I did my work. Ah, the joys of working from home. :)

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