Days 4, 5, 6, and 7 – a very busy weekend!

Thursday was a very full day. I needed to be comfortable, since I was going to be on my feet for most of the day. I started out at the House on the Hill, where the women in the program showcased their beautiful handmade blankets. It was great to see the results of their hard work and the results of my teaching there over the last few months, and as a bonus I got to meet their children as well – such cute, curious, and all-around sweet kids!

From there I had a docent shift at the Los Altos History Museum, where a five-year-old boy who called himself “Bird” chatted with me about what clothing matched with what. He suggested a grey skirt (but not a black one) and a black top to go with the skirt. He said I should put some black on the skirt (here I proposed some black ribbon at the hem) and then pair it with some black shoes “like you wear to church.” Sound fashion advice, Bird; I think I just might do that. (And to Bird’s mother: you have one amazing kid!)

I made a new friend, Natasha, at the Los Altos library, and we hung out after my shift until it was time for Italian class. Exhausting day!

The brown sweater top is from Ann Taylor, which I bought last fall. Underneath I have a basic ivory camisole tank from Charlotte Russe.

Paired with my denim skirt are knit tights from Target and chocolate-brown sueded fabric boots by Report from Zappos really lives up to their goal of amazing customer service. The rep I spoke with on the phone when I ordered these shoes was really friendly and helpful, and upgraded me to next-business day shipping just as a thank-you. I called Zappos around 6:30pm on Monday evening, and by Tuesday afternoon my new boots were on my feet! It is common to give a dissatisfied customer a bit of special treatment so as not to lose that customer, but it is far better to make a happy customer even happier and avoid dissatisfaction in the first place.

Friday I headed out to Oakland for the First Friday Art Murmur. I wanted to showcase some of my handmade items while I was at the various galleries, so I wore my favorite crocheted slouchy cap, and some of my hammered copper jewelry. I paired the navy-blue dress I found at Crossroads Trading Company with a red camisole from Express and a red belt from Target. I added my new brown boots and a red pashmina I bought in Paris when I was there in 2002.

That wasn’t enough red, so I whipped out my knitting needles and started making the red boot toppers. Here you see both of them, but in fact only one was done in time for the Art Murmur. My friends encouraged me to wear the lonely boot topper anyway, so I did. That leg was definitely warmer than the other in the chilly night air!

Yesterday was the first of five booth sales my Girl Scout troop is holding at various locations around Sunnyvale. Over my red camisole I wore a soft brown tissue tee from Target; the leggings were also from Target. The skirt I made from an old black t-shirt, using the instructions from Generation T as a guide. And again on my feet, my trusty boots and red boot toppers.

Yesterday as well I only had the one boot topper, and was working on the second one while we sold cookies. It did not deter a nice Scottish gentleman from buying a box of Thin Mints from us and sitting down for a nice conversation with us about his travels around the world.

Finally we come to today, and with it came the second booth sale with my troop. This one was decidedly more organized than yesterday and consequently a lot more fun. The girls were really energetic and proudly carried (and wore) their booth decorations made from recycled materials.

I’m wearing a green tank under a soft jersey flowered top, both from Goodwill. (It’s the one in San Diego on Rosecrans – it’s a great one!) The skirt, I happily admit, I bought when I was a freshman in high school for my 14th birthday, and yes, it still fits. The purple tights are from Target, and the little blue socks peeking out of the top of my boots were a Christmas gift from Jeff two years ago. They have teeth and eyes and look like they are eating my legs!

Whew! Just writing all that makes me tired! Time to go curl up in bed and catch up on my reading before I fall asleep. I’m currently reading The Seance, on loan to me from a friend who enjoys a good Victorian ghost story, and so far I’m enjoying it.

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