Day 2 – Neutrals & Stripes!

Today I’m wearing a little grey sweater jumper which Erin gave to me a long time ago. She didn’t wear it much when she had it, and I didn’t either.┬áNo time like the present! It’s paired with a little black empire-waisted top, which matches the waistline of the jumper, another item which sits unworn in my drawer most of the time. I am pretty sure both jumper and top are finds from Ross from years ago!

The black and white striped stockings came from Hot Topic a few years ago when I was a sexy-mime-Sim for Halloween. I really like them; they make me feel a little bit like I’m in a Tim Burton movie.

The wedge-heeled boots are Dr. Scholl’s, and aren’t even leather, but they look like it! (Well, maybe not to Nicolette, she can tell just by looking whether something is leather.)

The black-and-white dangly cluster earrings, sterling silver ring on my middle finger, and black cuff bracelet are all my own designs.

The rest of the day today I am planning to work on some knitting and some art for a new project Nicolette and I are presenting to the Los Altos History Museum board tomorrow, before I go to jewelry class tonight!

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