March – a month without jeans

Every time I see a cute dress or a great outfit, I think, “I want to wear that!” For my birthday I bought myself Cal Patch’s amazing Design-It-Yourself Clothes. It’s a step-by-step guide to drafting patterns and creating custom-fit clothes. I have made a few patterns so far and am now in the muslin stage of testing and fixing the pattern, and I am hooked! Now when I see great clothes, I think “I want to make that!” (And then, of course, wear it!)

I started watching Pushing Daisies last week on DVD, which is a cute show, and the costume design is absolutely delicious. I really want Chuck’s wardrobe! (And so do the good folks over at Dressing Daisies, a site devoted to the lovely costumes worn on the show.) Inspired by that, by Nicolette’s love of fashion and our mutual enjoyment of Project Runway, and by Isaac Mizrahi’s book How to Have Style, I felt motivated to shake up my routine and try something different. There’s nothing like a personal challenge to get the creativity flowing, so here it is:

For the month of March, I resolve not to wear jeans. I further resolve to wear a different outfit every day, and not to buy anything brand-new.

The occasional pair of leggings or nice dress slacks are fine, but no jeans or corduroy pants. Denim skirts are in, though, since they’re too darn cute not to wear. This means skirts and dresses for most of this month. I currently own roughly five skirts and seven dresses, which will only get me so far. This means making my own clothes when I need them, for the most part, or buying them from a thrift or resale shop.

And since it’s fun to be a model and keep a record of this challenge, I will take a picture every day and post it.

Here is today’s outfit.

March 1, 2010The lavender shirt was originally manufactured by Forever 21, but I bought it last month from Crossroads Trading Company, a great resale shop in San Jose across from Blossom Hill Mall.

The denim miniskirt came from Costco, purchased in 2006.

The shoes are by Bongo, purchased around 2004 or 2005.

The wood and glass bead necklace is my own creation.

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