Of Socks and Signet Rings

Having reached the end of the leg of the sock I started earlier this week, last night I turned the heel. It is now starting to look like a sock, but I have found I don’t really like the hourglass decrease method of turning a heel, and the heel portion feels a bit tight, even though I am pretty sure the gauge is right.


The hourglass decrease has a lot of yarn-overs and k3togs/p3togs (you can see the results of this in the diagonal line extending from the heel to the ankle of the sock in the picture above). With this method, there are no stitches to pick up along the gusset, unlike the baby sock I made earlier. The short rows worked in between the yarn-overs create the heel shape, and the yarn-overs worked in previous rows get turned into k3togs/p3togs later on. Everything felt really tight and hard to work with, though, and I felt like I was constantly fighting the shape of the heel. Overall, I prefer the method of knitting a flap for the heel with a slip-stitch selvage, decreasing to turn the heel, and then picking up stitches along the selvage before going on to knit the foot.

With the gauge problems I had earlier and now a heel that I struggled with, I am not sure if I want to continue working on this sock. I could rip the thing out and start over, but I just want to work with better yarn (this one keeps splitting on me!) and a more interesting pattern (stockinette isn’t quite enough to keep me entertained, and with a long car ride coming up tomorrow night, I want to keep my brain engaged!) I know some knitters complete one sock and then can’t seem to start the second one, known as the “single-sock syndrome”, so suppose this is what you could call “half-sock syndrome”!

Yesterday I picked up Knitted Gifts from Interweave Press at the library, and there are a ton of cute, quick projects that I think might be destined for some of my friends and family. (So those of you reading this – don’t peek!) The Hourglass Rib Socks pattern looks fun. It has a simple cable and ribbing pattern which should hopefully keep the rounds of knitting interesting. I am going to have a hard time deciding whether to make that one or the Cable Rib socks from the other book I have.

I will just have to bring both books with me this weekend, and both skeins of the Lorna’s Laces yarn I bought. If I run out of yarn, well, there’s always the wonderful Anacapa Fine Yarns, located in Ventura, that I would be more than happy to stop by and visit.

Tonight at casting class I am going to pour the plaster for the bolt ring for Matt, as well as a signet-ish ring for myself, which I finished carving this afternoon. It isn’t at all how I imagined it looking, but I like its simple design. Here it is ready to be sprued.


I’m off to class now!

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    I think you’ll like this page;) I hope you continue making such beautiful things



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