Embarking on an awesome adventure!

There’s no time like the present to do amazing things. I’m taking a sabbatical from work to make crafts full-time and sell them at my Etsy store, and I am so excited.

I migrated all my old blog content so everything’s in one space. Yes, I have some funky old posts from before I got married, but I figured it’s nice to have it in the archives all the same.

My next goal is to work with my good friend Jeff who is an awesome graphic designer, to design business cards and a better logo/banner for my store.

I am also planning to make band shirts for Cactus Mouth. I’ll probably work with them when I visit Berkeley late in May.

A couple recent projects I’m proud of:

I made some pretty sweet mittens for my friend Laura, from this cool pattern she sent me a link to. They turned out pretty darn nice-looking for my very first attempt at making mittens:

Mittens with Daisies

I liked the pattern so much I used it to make some arm warmers for myself, basically a fingerless version of the mittens.

The other awesome thing I made recently was a little stuffed amigurumi carrot toy for Joel’s baby, Juno:

Juno's Carrot

I made the pattern up as I went along and it is completely unique since I purposely didn’t write anything down. Colorful and quirky baby toys are so fun to make and it makes me happy to imagine a little kid playing with. The tiny single crochet stitches were time-consuming, so I want to start sewing baby toys instead, which would be a little easier on my wrists, too!

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