Halloween Results: Our Group’s Costumes Were Awesome!

My costume was inspired by a float I saw at LovEvolution in October. The float’s theme was “Where The Wild Things Are” and featured lots of tree branches spray painted a glittery white. I had hoped to create a costume called The Apparition of Winter based on this idea, with tree branches and white flowers and glitter and a white dress, but when I started putting it together, it looked too bridal, and not in a good way.

I decided to add green to the costume for color. I got some stretch green lace at Britex Fabrics, and to one edge of the lace I hand-stitched some ribbon and added some bra hooks, creating a strapless overdress with a slit in the front so the white underneath would still be visible. I tossed some leaves and ribbons into the mix for some color, and some dramatic false eyelashes. Since my costume was strapless and I knew we’d be walking around at night, at the last minute (i.e. three hours before we left) I made a white fleece cape. Thank goodness for my serger!

Daniel was Ultra Wizardly, a pirate wizard. He wore that coat we found at that Berkeley garage sale a while back, a red shirt found at Buffalo exchange, and a handmade cravat and belt from a bright yellow fabric remnant, with his favorite jeans. His “wizard medal” was made from a circle of aluminum. Using my Dremel tool, I engraved a small octogram into the circle, with closely spaced lines radiating from it. I then filled in all the lines using a Sharpie, and used nail polish remover to get rid of the excess ink, leaving the color in the engraved parts only. I glued a button in the center and a pin back onto the reverse side. A sparkly black half mask topped it off.

Matt and Beth were Quailman and Patti Mayonnaise (Check out this Wikipedia article if you didn’t watch Doug as a kid.) They really did an awesome job on their costumes. Matt’s red cape and green sweater vest were both great thrift store finds, though the underwear was new! Beth’s polka-dotted top was created with a blue shirt and pink circles which were attached with iron-on adhesive for a seamless look, and she even took the time to make a short-sleevedĀ  version of the top just in case she got too warm. She was the most committed to the costume of any of us, using copious amounts of sunless tanner and bronzer to make her skin as orange as she could get it, and wore a curly blond wig all night! Jeff was a newsboy, looking smart in a matching vest and hat and striped suspenders. He carried his fancy camera around with him, so it kind of seemed like not only was he delivering the news, he was capturing it too.

We wandered around Berkeley and San Francisco in our costumes, taking pictures of costumes from a scavenger hunt list we composed. Matt and Beth were the clear winners in the scavenger hunt, but it was all totally awesome. Please enjoy these photos (taken by me and Matt)!

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