Afternoon Sunshine Jewelry Collection

I found this awesome velocipede/penny-farthing bicycle pendant yesterday and designed this necklace around it.

Velocipede Away!

It goes almost without saying that the pendant is amazing, and in a neat brass finish. I love the little glass bead leaves. My sister commented that they look like juicy little gummy candies, and they really do. I was eating jellybeans while I was making the necklace and more than once I reached for the leaves instead of the jellybeans!

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I designed another necklace in this same color scheme, with warm antique gold/brass findings and wire and amber, red, brown, and violet beads.

Summer Afternoon Necklace

I had a really fun time picking out the beads for each link. No two links are exactly alike, but I paired similar ones together to give the necklace balance and symmetry. I got into a great rhythm creating each link, sliding the beads on and wrapping the loops at each end.

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I have more leaves and brass charms and amber beads and a fun owl pendant, so I will be designing a few more items to add to this collection. I also got a beautiful blue peacock pendant which will be incorporated into a necklace with dark green and blue/turquoise beads and silver findings.

Today is such a wonderful day!

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