Making Ikea furniture a little better

It is really difficult to find a bedroom set that isn’t in super-dark wood. I wound up getting two three-drawer dressers and two two-drawer nightstands in the Malm series at Ikea in a medium oak finish. At this point, after having assembled all those dressers and drawers and a TV unit basically on my own, I am an expert on Ikea furniture assembly, and if I don’t have to pick up a screwdriver for a good long while that would be all right with me.

The bottom panel of all the drawers (and the sides too) was a plain grey color so I decided to spice them up with shelf paper. After having papered a few shelves and drawers at our place in San Diego, I didn’t want to mess with it after it had been assembled, so I decided to do the papering before putting the drawers together.

I got self-adhesive shelf paper from Target. It had a grid on the back for easy cutting, and it luckily was just the right width to fit the drawer bottom, with about a centimeter (roughly) extra on each side. I just laid it out, cut to size, and then started at one edge and gradually applied it to the drawer bottom. After that, I cut the corners out of the paper and folded the edges up on the back of the drawer bottom. I smoothed everything into place and then finished assembling the drawer. Check out the gallery below for images of the process.

It was an easy fix to personalize my otherwise mass-produced furniture and I love the color now. It actually matches our new duvet perfectly! While I was shopping, I saw a lot of students heading off to college and looking to furnish their rooms for the first time, and this is a great and cheap way to do make their space a little more unique. It is also really easy to just remove the rolling drawer guides, slide out the bottom of the drawer, and re-paper when it is time for a new look.

Our dining room table and chairs were delivered today, so we are done with furniture shopping for a good long time! Hooray! And tomorrow I am hosting a little dinner party for Bryan and Tania with a surprise menu which is very tasty because I have tried all the recipes already. Tomorrow is also my first meetup with a Palo Alto knitting group, and I am going to start work on a project for my friends’ new baby, who is due next March (coincidentally on my brother-in-law David’s birthday). My former baby roommate is going to have a new sibling and I am so excited for the whole family. There are so many cute projects I could do, it’s hard to decide.

I have a lot to do tomorrow!!

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  1. Jonathan
    Posted August 29, 2009 at 11:12 am | Permalink

    I got 2 3-drawer Malm dressers about 4 months ago! It’s a practical and flexible combo.


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