Taking a break from packing!

Packing all my stuff sure is hard work! I am trying to get my craft room organized and packed today, and I have more craft stuff than I ever realized. But hey, I found a lot of stuff I had been looking for! :)

Daniel and I got our apartment in Sunnyvale over the weekend and I am excited to move in. The apartment has a great layout and the complex is green and quiet and cool. I love it there and it is within walking distance of downtown, the library, a fabric store, and the Caltrain station.

We stayed with Bryan at his apartment. Bryan has a cat, and courtesy of Tania, the cat has a lot of really cute toys. I fell in love with a little toy dog that is less than 2 inches long. I had some time on my hands and my little point-and-shoot camera, so I took a bunch of pictures, which I turned into a stop-motion animation this afternoon.

I used iMovie, which had a lower limit on the length each photo could be displayed, so the video moves a bit more slowly than I would like, but hey, iMovie came with the computer and got the job done. And next time I will use a tripod so the camera doesn’t move around so much.

Yesterday was my last jewelry class here in San Diego. I bought a ring mandrel at class and made some cool rings. This is my favorite. My teacher Denise said she had never seen the squiggle technique she teaches incorporated into a ring before. Awesome! :)

Squiggle Ring

I made this one out of crummy silver-coated base metal wire as an experiment. My plan is to get a butane torch and some fine silver wire, either in the 20 gauge wire I used here or maybe 18 gauge, and make something fancier.

I had a great experience yesterday at The Bouncing Bead in La Mesa. I went in just to browse, and the owner Laura there was so nice, taking all sorts of time to show me the great tools they had available or could order, the classroom and the projects made in the classes, and talking about jewelry techniques. Laura actually told me how fine silver can be soldered just with the heat of a butane torch, and that inspired the ring design I made in class. I bought a little steel bench block, a very smooth hammer for planishing and texturing, and a metal punch so I don’t have to wear out my paper punches anymore. There were so many neat metalworking tools there and in the catalog Laura showed me, it was like Christmas and my birthday put together.

I am sad that I am leaving San Diego after just having found this great store, but there are always visits back home to see Mom and Dad and Erin, and maybe take a class or two. I highly recommend The Bouncing Bead if you can swing by the La Mesa area.

Also, Laura had a very cute kitten named Lucy, who alternated between sleeping contentedly in Laura’s arms, and exploring the store. Rustling paper bag in the classroom? Yep, that was Lucy.

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  1. Charla
    Posted September 2, 2009 at 8:23 pm | Permalink

    I love your jewelry. I may ask you to help design my wedding ring whenever I get engaged. My idea is simple in mind and fairly complicated to create (just like me, isn’t it?) but it seems you can handle that kind of stuff. Glad to hear you made it to Sunnyvale. I’ll be down there in November so maybe I can visit while I’m there. You’re amazing!!!! :)

  2. Posted September 2, 2009 at 9:10 pm | Permalink

    I would love to help with your ring design, and I am so happy you like my jewelry. I am going to be taking a silver casting class starting next week so hopefully my skills in the jewelry department will only increase. I would love to have you visit whenever you are here, just let me know when you are planning to come!


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