RoboHero and other adventures

Daniel works with several interns at his office, and together they have been developing a card game and Facebook app called RoboHero. This weekend he and the interns got together to work on the game, and I came along to help. Check out these photos from the dev session, and then check out (And by check it out, I mean check back soon for info and updates, since the site is still in its infancy.)

P7180008 P7180009

P7180010 P7180017

Please note the neatly rounded corners on the cards. That was my doing, and while it may seem like overkill for test cards, it was fun to do and it did make them shuffle-able.

While the guys worked on the gameplay, built their decks, and so on, I also made some jewelry.

P7200006 P7200003

This is the Etruscan Spiral bracelet pattern again, but in a different style. All the leaf charms are cool the way they dangle around my wrist and I love the way the colors go together. I made the spirals first and once the bracelet part was done it evoked the feeling of a vine so I added leaves to it.

I was hanging out with my mom and my aunt Janice today and I wore the bracelet and earrings. I was waiting for them to come pick me up and decided to make a necklace to go with them.


I originally intended to add green wire spirals to this necklace but it looked great without them. I actually finished this up in the car as we were driving up to Encinitas.

We went to a raw food cafe for lunch (I had a pizza, Persian cucumber salad, and an apple crumb cake) and then stopped at the Self-Realization Fellowship gardens in Encinitas and an antique store in Solana Beach, and took the scenic route back to drop me off. Here is a picture of a beetle that was chilling on a plant at the gardens.


I immediately had to go run some errands after I got back this afternoon, including a quick stop at the Sharp pharmacy. The pharmacist there said she really liked the leaf necklace I made, and said everything looked really well-made, which I thought was so cool. It always makes me feel great when I get compliments on my work, especially when I have just made pieces because I like them and they make me feel pretty. It is cool to know that other people like them too.

(By the way, I love Sharp Rees-Stealy. Everyone there is always so friendly and helpful. I highly recommend them if anyone is looking for a health care provider in the San Diego area! I go to the offices in Mira Mesa.)

It is hot today so I will probably make a salad for dinner inspired by the raw food I had at lunch. If it is good I will post the recipe!

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