Etruscan Spiral Bracelet

Last night’s jewelry class was awesome. It was the last of three sessions in the wire wrapping beads course I have been taking, and this class meeting was the most productive.

We learned techniques for making top-drilled beads into pendants or earrings, how to create clasps, how to make wire-wrapped rings, and how to make a spiral bracelet. Today I created one of these bracelets with 20 gauge copper wire and it looks really great!

Note that each link has been hammered to flatten the spiral. The sample bracelet that the instructor Denise had with her had a couple links that were hammered out, which I thought looked nice, and decided to do the same when I made my bracelet. Denise said that it is pretty simpleĀ  to do – just hammer the pieces on a steel block with whatever hammer is handy.

I don’t have a steel block at home, however. Denise’s next class, which starts next week, will cover creating loops and squiggles and hammering them, but I didn’t want to wait a week to try it out. So I improvised and used a large rock as my hammering block instead. The only downside is that the side of the wire that touches the rock gets rough (look at the pictures in the gallery to see this) and so I tried to keep this side to the inside of the bracelet when possible.

(Bracelet design by Denise Bonaimo.)

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