Sunnyvale and Berkeley!

So first, exciting news! Last week I officially resigned from my job, since my sabbatical has been great and I love my craft work. I will miss my co-workers; the company culture was really great and everyone was very supportive when I decided to take the sabbatical. When I went in to sign my exit paperwork I got to visit a few people and see how things were going with them, which was nice.

I couldn’t stay too long visiting people, though, because Daniel and I had a plane to catch! We visited Bryan and Tania in Sunnyvale on Friday and Saturday and then headed up to Berkeley to visit Jeff and Matt on Sunday and Monday. It was a great, but busy, trip.

The Sunnyvale farmer’s market on Saturday was awesome. I haven’t been to a farmer’s market in a long time. I have been meaning to get a spot at a farmer’s market at some point to sell my crafts, and I learned something very important at the one in Sunnyvale: there are a ton of jewelry vendors. I think I counted at least four in one small area. I have been slowly realizing the ease and popularity of making jewelry for a while, but nothing cements it like seeing it in action. It made me start thinking that I need to differentiate myself from everyone else and start branching out to other crafts even more than I have been trying to lately.

The produce stands at the Sunnyvale farmer’s market were great though. We got to sample fresh ripe strawberries before buying a basket. There were a ton of fresh leafy greens and herbs and squash and all sorts of other veggies – a vegan’s paradise! :) We got eggplant and spinach to make some yummy sandwiches!

On Sunday in Berkeley, we initially intended to head out with Jeff and Matt to look at some cool public art, but we found that Jeff’s car had been broken into (for the third time in about a year) and the electrical system had shorted out so the car wouldn’t start. So instead we walked along Telegraph Avenue looking at shops and all the street vendors. Again, the majority of the vendors were selling jewelry, and many at prices that seriously undervalued the makers’ time and energy. I need to make handbags and tshirts and baby toys!

I found a cool bead shop while we were exploring and spent a while in there. (I told the guys to go on without me so I could browse as slowly as I wanted!) I can’t remember the name of the place, but it is on the corner of Telegraph Avenue and Blake Street and the girls that worked there were really nice.

We happened to run across a group of people having a yard sale as we were heading back to Jeff and Matt’s. At first we walked right by, but the people were friendly and convinced us to come back. We were glad we did – they had a lot of cool clothes that were really cheap. Daniel got an amazing velvet coat for 50 cents. I need to repair the lining but it will be awesome when restored to its full glory. I got a brand new dress at the yard sale – the tag was still on! I immediately fell in love with the art nouveau-style print and bought it, and when I tried it on later it fit perfectly.


Jeff and Matt live in an apartment building that is both interesting and terrifying. It has a roof you can walk right onto, but there are no railings at all.



You can see squirrels running across telephone pole wires, which is both cute and hilarious. There are trees growing in their courtyard, which is pretty, and they have a nice little container garden, but there are also signs like this posted everywhere. (Clicky to view full size.)


According to a friend of theirs who knows about such things, he says the top floor, where they live, is the safest for them to be if there were to be an earthquake while they were inside, since they are the least likely to be crushed by rubble. The guys are considering a move to San Francisco, which I fully support!!

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