Some work in watercolors

The Fillmore Senior Center offers a really great drop-in watercolor class. As long as I’m not displacing a senior who wants to take the class, I’m able to attend even though I’m not a senior citizen. And it’s only $3 a class! I’ve been going to the class for a few months now and I love it. I have two hours of child-free studio time to mess around with watercolors and have fun.

I’m not much for still life or landscapes, though we have a lot of really talented painters in our class who do great work with those types of subjects. I like playful abstract art and doing collaborative art with the kids.

So here’s some stuff I’ve been working on lately.



This dude is a collaboration between Lelly, Evan, and me. Evan’s first birthday was a monster-themed party, so together the kids and I designed two monsters to hang on the wall. I drew different body shapes and parts, hair, ears, etc. and had both Evan and Lelly point to the ones they liked. I drew a monster based on each of their choices in Sharpie on some inexpensive paper. Lelly did a lot of drawing on hers, which isn’t pictured here, but this one is Evan’s and Lelly just drew the face, which I think has lots of character. We then painted both monsters with Lelly’s watercolors.



Abstract with Birdish Things

I did this as an exercise in class. I’m not sure if I’m finished yet, but I like it as it is right now.




An exercise in negative space.



From a Felt Insect Bird

I did this one a while ago, before Evan was born, actually, but it fits nicely here. Lelly flipped through my watercolor sketchbook as I was photographing the other pieces, and I had forgotten all about this guy. It’s actually a sketch of a needle-felted creature I made, and is one of my first attempts at blending watercolor and pen and ink (a technique I like that I want to explore further.)

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