Napkin & Sock Ghostie

Lelly has been very excited this year for Halloween. At almost three years of age, she totally gets the idea of dressing up and has been looking forward to trick-or-treating as Woody, the family dog of my childhood. And thanks to a Tex and Indi story in the October High Five magazine, she now LOVES ghosts, too. Actually, from various stories and songs, she’s really into all the spooky Halloween creatures: witches*, vampires, bats, vampire bats, goblins, and so on.

This week is fall break, so Lelly’s home from preschool and needs fun activities to keep her busy. This afternoon, we made ghosts together to decorate the house.

For little kids, the creative process is way more important than keeping the craft afterward. We thought up this little ghost with that in mind: by snipping the hanging thread and untying the string, the components can easily be disassembled and go back to their former lives as cloth napkins and socks after Halloween is over. No waste, no storage. Boom!

Napkin & Sock Ghostie!

You need:

  • a white (or white-ish) cloth napkin
  • a sock
  • a rubber band or piece of string
  • hole reinforcers or other small round stickers
  • scissors
  • needle and white or clear thread

Roll the sock into a ball. Drape the center of the napkin over the sock ball. Tie the string or wrap the rubber band under the sock to make the head. Affix two hole reinforcers or round stickers (or even cut-out circles of tape that you’ve colored with a permanent marker) to make eyes. Cut about 24″ of thread, fold in half to double it, and thread it through the needle. Use the needle to attach the thread to the top of the ghost’s head, making sure to catch both the napkin and the sock. Pull through, and tie in an overhand knot.

Now hang your ghostie somewhere in your house. Lelly said, quite happy and excited, “I’ll wake up in the night and see something spooky!”

* Lelly told this story about a witch: “There was a witch outside, and then it came in my little room. It was over my bed, but I didn’t wake up. It was in my bed, but I didn’t wake up. Then I probably woke up a little, because witches do that. Then we chose a toy and we just…we were really friends. Then she blasted off! and disappeared.”

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