This morning I looked out my window to see frost all over the ground, or as I like to call it, The Most Wintry Winter Weather I’ve Ever Experienced at My Very Own Home.

We got dressed up warmly and went out to look at it!

Frosty rows of trees

On orange leaves

On a cool plant

On oak leaves

Dan & Lel

Lelly looks so cute in her hat and boots. I can’t believe this hat fits her: I originally made it for Daniel. She chose it this morning as her hat, even though I didn’t lay it out as one of her choices.


I'm not sure about this

She has some breakfast cookie in her mouth, which contributes partly to the odd expression on her face. It was also just very cold.

On some other little plants

A prettyish sort of little wilderness

This is in part of the orchard that hasn’t been in production for a while. All these pod vines grew up and over the trees, and with the long grasses it just looks so wild and strange, especially with the frost.

The slowest fall

More wilderness

Surprisingly pretty poop

We get a bunch of manure from a stable in Los Angeles, and it’s delivered in these piles, which Dwight then spreads with the backhoe. The frost looks so cool spread over it, almost like tiny little snow-capped mountains. It is, as my neighbor Laura described it, the prettiest poop I’ve ever seen.


And steam came out of it too!

It almost looks like snow

It almost looks like snow shoveled up on the side of the road.

I spent so long running around in the orchard that I was a little bit late to bake Mexican Chocolate Snickerdoodles (yum) and go to an awesome crafting get-together. These are good problems to have. :)

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