Customize this little guy to make a cool holiday gift

I love this little guy! I finished it a couple days ago and it’s awesome.


Here’s the guy with its bigger sibling, the Stripey Monster.


I started out just making a tiny Stripey Monster with self-striping sock yarn, but after I attached the arms and legs, Lelly loved it so much, I decided it was done as-is. She likes “guy dancing” – she wiggles it and the little appendages flop around in a really cute way. She carries it around and hugs it and plays pretend games with it.

I got really, really inspired by that. This guy can be anything she wants it to be – it’s amazing for creative play. As a knitting pattern, this blank-canvas little guy can turn into anything the knitter wants it to be, too, which is perfect for endlessly-customizable knitted toys.

The yarn you use determines how big the guy will be. I made the little guy with sock yarn and US size 1 needles, and he’s about 6″ tall when seated. The Stripey Monster is made with worsted weight yarn and US size 6 needles, and it’s about 12″ when seated. Put them together on a shelf and you’ll be thinking of Alice in Wonderland every time you walk by. :)

This pattern is great for using up yarn you have in your stash. If you’re in doubt you’ll have enough yarn of one kind, choose another yarn or two with the same weight and give your guy stripes.

The stripes, ears, horns, and face shown on the Stripey Monster are just one possibility for the guy. Use yarn, felt, beads, sculpted clay, or whatever else strikes your inspiration to add facial features to your guy. Make more or fewer arms and legs. Add hair or a mane. Knit up a snout, ears, horns, a tail, wings, spikes, or any other body parts your guy needs to come to life. While you’re at it, knit it a hat or a scarf or a bow. Give your guy a name and give it to someone you love.

And then make another!

You can get the pattern for both the guy and the Stripey Monster in my Craftsy pattern store right here!

Visit Lana Moore’s Craftsy Pattern Store »


I really, really want to see what people will do with this. If you make one, create a project on Craftsy and post pictures!

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