Garden and Orchard Happenings

Yesterday was a gorgeous day, one of those cool, partly cloudy days right after a rain where everything is fresh. After I put Lelly down for her nap I went out to check on my garden.

This is a rosebush that I pruned a few weeks ago, with Donna’s help. When we were pruning, there were no roses, just a few places where the petals already fell off and hips would develop. I had no idea the roses would be such a bright pink color.


I don’t know much about roses yet, but I will. We have four or five other bushes besides this one! One has white blooms; the others don’t have any blooms yet. The ones without blooms are in pots, which I’ll plant later on once I see what color they are and where they’ll fit into my garden plan (such as it is). I let all the roses stay on the bushes rather than cutting them and bringing them inside; I want to gather the rose hips for tea.

More Roses


These are some French lavender bushes (I think) which we pruned WAY back. At first I was going to be gentle, but there were a lot of dead branches and I just kept cutting them off, back to these little stumps. I was concerned they wouldn’t make a comeback, but look at this!

Lavender Making a Comeback

There are three bushes. This one will clearly make it, another will most likely make it, and the third I’m not sure about but I’m rooting for all the same. I need to figure out where to plant these, along with four rosemary bushes that need to be pruned after Christmas (since I’ll want the fresh rosemary for holiday cooking!)

* * * 

There are a lot of non-orange trees in the orchard that compete with the orange trees: mostly palm trees and oaks, but there are a few other odd trees here and there. Some have gotten pretty big and Daniel has been working hard to take them out. He has a machete and has been enthusiastically attacking the palm trees, which he describes as giant weeds – they are everywhere, spread out, and grow quickly!

We went on a walk after he’d been cutting down some palms, and I asked him to show me how to use the machete. Together, we took down this tree! I did the big branch first, and then Daniel took down the tree itself.

My Tree

Okay, so it’s not the ideal tool for the job, but swinging a machete sure is fun. It took me probably 15 minutes to get through the branch, but once I got the hang of it, the work went much faster. Of course, the fastest thing to do is to use a chainsaw, which is what Dwight came by and did the day after, to cut the tree up into logs. We’re planning to get a chainsaw ourselves in the near future. :)

My Branch

* * * 

Finally, here’s Lelly wearing the brown paper pattern I made for Daniel’s Finn the Human hat. I gave her a piece of masking tape to play with while I worked on the pattern and cut and sewed the hat, and she decided the funniest thing to do would be to put it on her mouth.

Beb the Human

Don’t worry, she easily pulled it off moments after I took the picture. And then she put it on my mouth. :)

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