Pumpkin Patch!

On Saturday my mom, dad, and sister came up to visit, and we joined Daniel’s mom at the local pumpkin patch.

It had a hay pyramid. I climbed it, too, but Daniel and Lelly really had a ball.

Hay Pyramid


There was also a hay maze. At first, all Lelly wanted to do was sit in the hay and play with it.

Handfuls of Straw

But then Daniel started swinging her around and they went through the maze the easy way – over the top. Now we know why there was so much loose hay around.

Navigating the Hay Maze


Then Lelly got to ride a pony. Oh, man, was this the highlight of her day!

Riding a Pony

She was very excited that she got to “ride white pony” and really seemed to have the hang of riding.

More Ponies!


Lelly loved that we were all given stickers as proof we paid admission, but I think she got a little carried away with hers.

Nom Nom


The pumpkins and sunflowers made a very enticing backdrop for a rare photo of the three of us together (thanks, Erin!)

Family Portrait


We all went on a hay ride, which gave us a tour of the farm. Lelly was not particularly excited at this point: moments before, she’d been crying “more ponies!” and was really bummed we had to do this thing in the back of a truck instead. (Eventually we did get her another pony ride, and she was thrilled.)

Hay Ride


We told Lelly she could have any pumpkin she could pick up by herself.

Picking a Pumpkin

She was so proud of it!

So Proud!


I’ve spent the last two days working on our Adventure Time Halloween costumes. Yesterday I finished Lelly’s BMO costume and today I made Daniel’s Finn the Human hat. I can’t wait until Thursday to see us all together!

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