This week on the ranch

This week has been fun! Here are some of the picture-worthy things we did.

We worked on Lelly’s Halloween costume. She’s going to be BMO from Adventure Time. This week she said, “Check, please!” and she already likes to say “BMO chop!” She is very excited both to be BMO and to go trick-or-treating. She has been practicing how to say “trick-or-treat” and keeps talking about candy. I said she could have just one candy, she started negotiating with me and said, “five candies!”

BMO Costume


I found this little guy hanging out on our living room floor, just sunning himself. When he got scared, he took refuge under the piano. I encouraged him to skitter into a cardboard box, and then took him outside. It was surprisingly hard to get him out of the box once he was in it. I realize they can cling to walls, but really, the guy just clung to the inside of the box for dear life as I gently shook it. I expected him to neatly fall out like spiders, but I suppose lizards are harder to overpower. I just left the box and later he was gone. It was pretty neat having a house lizard for a while, though.

House Lizard


Lelly learned how to use fruit slices to make terrifying grimaces.

Apple Grin

I think she’s up to something.

Sneaky Apple Face


I mixed one tablespoon of water with four drops of food coloring to make paints for Lelly, because she’s come back to the point where she wants to eat things she’s not supposed to. She painted with a stiff round scrubber brush, which was a perfect shape, and the construction paper we used absorbed the water rapidly. Mixing the red and green paint together was fun, as was dumping it out on the paper to see what would happen. It was a great success.

Food Color Painting


We also got our playroom studio almost organized. Lelly likes climbing on the chairs to look out the window. I need to make a curtain to keep the stuff stored in the closet out of sight. Trying to pick up the things Lelly spreads over the floor is a losing battle, though.

Playroom Studio 1

I am particularly proud of this area. It looks really nice. Lelly helped me build the bookshelf by climbing into it. The two fabric covered totes fit perfectly into the bottom shelf and store her toys.

Playroom Studio 2


Not pictured: Lelly in her “footie-jamas” (very cute); Daniel trying to hack down a palm tree with a machete; pruning roses and lavender with Donna; doing laundry in our awesome front-loading washing machine and super fast dryer; Lelly doing a limbo-style army crawl under a baby gate; story time at the library; and enjoying hearing Poppy’s heartbeat with Lelly (she’s so excited).

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