New House!

It’s always been our dream to retire to the family orange ranch in Southern California, and we’ve finally achieved it!

We decided to move about a month ago, and ever since, Lelly has been talking about “new house!” It helped that we took pictures of the house and we showed them to her, so she could visualize what we were talking about. One thing I forgot to tell her about the move, however, was that it would be a six-hour drive to get to the new house. She was pretty upset when she found herself cooped up in the car and kept complaining, “no car seat! no car! all done!” She still says “no car!” every time we pass our car in the driveway, but she is thrilled to be running around exploring her new space and I hope she’ll soon get used to needing to drive more places.

These are some awesome things about our new house:

  • Lelly now knows what a rooster really sounds like, and when she hears it crow, she says, “rooster!”¬†We can also hear chickens and goats, in addition to the other wild birds, neighborhood dogs, and coyotes.
  • We can watch all kinds of animals from our windows and porch: bluejays and squirrels in the persimmon tree, a rabbit leaping across our driveway, a turkey vulture soaring over the house.
  • There is a lot of natural light.
  • There is a lot of room to explore.
  • We have beautiful hardwood floors and a fireplace.
  • Daniel has his own office, and Lelly and I get to share an art studio.

These are some things that will take some getting used to or are just projects we’ll need to jump in and do now that we are homeowners:

  • The hardwood floors are very cold in the morning or the middle of the night. We need some rugs.
  • The tap water is very, very hard and we’re going to need to install a water filtration system.
  • I need to remember how to start a fire.
  • We don’t have a dishwasher.
  • Ants have found their way into our kitchen.
  • So I do dishes a lot.
  • We are going to start a garden, which means I’m going to need to learn to do backyard composting and build raised beds.

Lelly is still learning about the world of the outdoors. When we took a walk the other day, Lelly started walking on tiptoe and said, very sadly, “ants, hurt ants.” She was concerned that if she stepped on the ants on the ground, that she’d hurt them, and asked us to pick her up and carry her. After we explained that ants are strong and she only weighed 20 pounds, she felt better, and said, “ants strong.” She also picks up a bunch of rocks and sticks and carries them around like treasures, though I suspect that might be because she’s a little kid and that’s fun.

Here’s Lelly, on a walk in the orchard:

Lelly in the Trees


This is the outside of our house:

Outside our House


Here’s my nice, big kitchen with lots of cupboard space, and a window!! (We haven’t even used all the drawers and shelves. I don’t really intend to fill them, but it’s nice to know I have the space just in case.)



Lelly jumped into the bed just after I made it. We like our room a lot!



This is Lelly’s and my art studio, the only room I don’t mind showing in its unpacked state. I am looking forward to organizing it and even more so to when it will be a functional and cozy creative space.

My Art Studio - Before

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