Stripey Monster (or: an adventure in re-doing my store, and then some)

Way back before Lelly was born, I knitted her a monster. When she was a newborn, she just sort of randomly reached out and touched it, but now as a toddler, she has tea parties with it and hugs it and makes it dance. The monster doesn’t have a name or a gender; I’ll let Lelly figure that out.

I created a very detailed, very organized pattern for this monster, and it was essentially ready for distribution, except that it didn’t have pictures yet. And there it languished for almost a year.

There were several problems:

1. I’m distracted by being a mom. If I can only get one or two things done in a day, it’s probably going to be feeding my child.
2. I got a new computer and it didn’t have an optical drive.
   a. So I couldn’t install the software for my camera, which was on a CD
   b. And Canon only has updates on their website, not the actual software.
   c. And I wasn’t into using iPhoto.
   d. So hundreds of photos languished in my camera.
3. I started art classes. So if I wasn’t busy with Lel (see 1) then I was doing homework.

So today I finished the pattern, and just in time, since school starts up again on Thursday.

The thing that got me going again was actually Google’s decision to discontinue Google Checkout in November. I have been using Google Checkout for my store and it got the job done, but it wasn’t particularly pretty. In fact, there were a number of problems with it, but at least it let me make some sales.

I looked into selling my patterns on Ravelry, but the sheer difficulty involved in taking the existing pattern page I had on their site, and editing it to somehow magically create a store made me give up on that avenue. Seriously. I looked at their help wiki for hours and fiddled with the pattern info, but to no avail. Sorry, Ravelry. You’re an awesome website to help fiber artists connect with one another, but you kinda failed me by not having an intuitive way to create a pattern store.

It turns out it was a good thing I didn’t use Ravelry, because I had a jewelry pattern to sell, too, which I can’t do on a yarn-focused site. Turns out the site, purveyor of high-quality online craft classes, also had an option for designers to sell patterns. Boom!

Their pattern store took me mere minutes to set up and they don’t charge any fees. Best of all, this will probably result in more sales for me, since people can find my patterns through both Craftsy and My Name is Wool.

So I redesigned the store page with all my existing patterns, and thought: “Hey, I should really put up that monster.”

Which means doing the thing I’d been procrastinating: figuring out how to get all those images off my camera. It turns out to be surprisingly easy and I did it in under 15 minutes.

Boom! Pattern finished and in my new store in another 30 minutes. I made very awesome use of nap time today.

And now Lelly is awake and wanting to know what I’m doing:

Photo on 8-13-13 at 4.11 PM #3

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