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Pictures from Lelly’s first month!

Monday marked Lelly’s four-week birthday, and the time has gone by very quickly! She’s growing so fast. Please enjoy these photos I’ve taken over the past few weeks. I’m amused that this is the first chance I’ve had in a long time to get them uploaded, but that’s the way it is with a tiny […]

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Seven weeks to go!

Throughout my pregnancy, people have said that I look way more pregnant than I am, and at my last checkup even my doctor agreed. I had an ultrasound today to check Lelly’s growth, just to make sure she wasn’t growing out of control. Happily, the measurements today show that Lelly’s growth is average and my doctor […]

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Elastic laced shoes for pregnant women (or lazy people!)

I am getting to the point in my pregnancy where it’s a pain to tie my shoes. I can still do it, but the baby bump in the way is getting bigger all the time, and I have to sit down, rather than just bending over and tying them like I used to before I […]

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It’s a girl!!

Daniel and I are very excited to be having a little baby girl in late January or early February 2012! We went in for a very detailed ultrasound this week, and the technician measured her little head and abdomen and arms and legs, as well as checked out all her organs and body parts and […]

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