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Stripey Monster (or: an adventure in re-doing my store, and then some)

Way back before Lelly was born, I knitted her a monster. When she was a newborn, she just sort of randomly reached out and touched it, but now as a toddler, she has tea parties with it and hugs it and makes it dance. The monster doesn’t have a name or a gender; I’ll let […]

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What are the dimensions of a baby?

How do you design knitwear for babies if you don’t have one? A woman I met up at House on the Hill told me she really wants to knit a little sweater jumper for her daughter. This prompted me to start designing one for her, but as I have no baby to test my design […]

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Of Socks and Signet Rings

Having reached the end of the leg of the sock I started earlier this week, last night I turned the heel. It is now starting to look like a sock, but I have found I don’t really like the hourglass decrease method of turning a heel, and the heel portion feels a bit tight, even […]

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Time for full-size socks!

The little practice sock I mentioned in my last post is done, and it wasn’t very hard at all. I really liked knitting it. The only tricky bit was grafting the stitches at the toe, using Kitchener stitch. This was new to me, but I think with a little practice on some scraps and a […]

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My new roommate is almost here!

My roommate Clarissa went to the hospital late this morning to be induced into labor, so I should have a new baby roommate sometime very soon! Clarissa said that when her sister was induced she was in labor for about 16 hours, and at this point it’s probably about 12 hours now, so I hope […]

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