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Of grapes and stars and a golden pegasus

There was a beautiful young girl named Kate. She bought a red balloon that was as high as the stars. She decided to jump in a boot with a mouse and fly through the wind. She did. She landed in a big field full of hill-clouds with smoke coming out. When she landed she saw […]

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Shhh, it’s a surprise!

The little sister of two of the girls in my Girl Scout troop is turning 4 soon. She comes to nearly every meeting and participates in all the activities, and even helped sell Girl Scout cookies (quite successfully, as a matter of fact – it’s hard to say no to a little bitty girl saying […]

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I love Girl Scout days!

We had a nice meeting last night; we made angel ornaments and wooden door hangers. I should know by now that six-year-olds trying to put things together with just white glue doesn’t work: they were gluing wood to metal and all the pieces kept sliding around and they were getting frustrated. Christine wisely pulled out […]

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It’s a month before Christmas…

…and I’m just now starting to make my gifts. The year before last, I was smart and made candy for everyone: fudge, caramels, little turtles. It’s what my roommate Sean plans to do, and it’s a great idea. I’m feeling ambitious. I’ve been happily buying all kinds of yarn, and it’s wonderfully exciting. I went […]

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