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New House!

It’s always been our dream to retire to the family orange ranch in Southern California, and we’ve finally achieved it! We decided to move about a month ago, and ever since, Lelly has been talking about “new house!” It helped that we took pictures of the house and we showed them to her, so she […]

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Tea Caddy from Recycled Cardboard

This morning after brunch I was overcome with the urge to clear out my tea cupboard and organize it. People who have had a cup of tea when they’ve come over to my house know very well that I have an overwhelming number of tea choices. I usually start helping people narrow it down by […]

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Gingerbread Turtles

Daniel and I have an awesome holiday tradition of building a different gingerbread creation every year. Basically the only rule is that there can’t be any repeats of a theme, so half the fun is coming up with what we are going to build. Our previous years’ creations: 2003: A classic house. It was just […]

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Elastic laced shoes for pregnant women (or lazy people!)

I am getting to the point in my pregnancy where it’s a pain to tie my shoes. I can still do it, but the baby bump in the way is getting bigger all the time, and I have to sit down, rather than just bending over and tying them like I used to before I […]

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Baby Squirrelio, Cute-Overload Style (plus Gilroy Garlic Festival Recap)

Hi! I’m a baby squirrelio! I’m really friendly and curious! I live in this park, and there are thousands of people here today. There is some sort of festival going on, and people have been dropping lots of tasty garlicky food, which I’ve been feasting on. Yum! Whoa, who are you? I’ve seen people, and puppies, […]

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Five-Minute iPod/iPhone App!

There are times throughout the day that I really want a quick and easy app to record data – gas mileage, shopping lists, etc. (I admit, gathering and graphing data points is a lot of fun for me.) The problem with native iPod or iPhone apps is that a lot of data gets stored locally, […]

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New Knitting Pattern + Contrasaurus + HOTH

So today I have three very exciting announcements! New knitting pattern – Heidi Contrasaurus – Defender of the American Dream Buy Charlotte, Benefit HOTH New knitting pattern – Heidi I’m so ready for fall, with cool, crisp days perfect for my favorite knitted creations. With this as inspiration, I designed a super-cute little headband to […]

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Notes from Italy – Part 2 – Tour of Padova

June 24, 2010 Ciao a tutti! Today we had our tour of Padova. We met in the town square at 9:00am and from there walked to City Hall.  c.h. came and was feeling better at first, but the Nutella she ate for breakfast made her stomach feel queasy again, so we took her back home […]

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Notes from Italy – Part 1 – Arrival and First Day

I’m back from Italy and done with the Interchange. It went by so quickly – we did so much in such a short time. I’m barely taking any time to rest, either, since the Teddy Bear Picnic is coming up in two weeks! While I was in Italy, I sent emails a couple times a […]

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Day 31 – better late than never

So yes, I did actually wear a dress on March 31, the last day in the challenge, but then I forgot to post my picture of it. That was the hardest thing about the challenge, really, was to remember to take and post the pictures. This dress (as well as the sweater and purse) came […]

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