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Some work in watercolors

The Fillmore Senior Center offers a really great drop-in watercolor class. As long as I’m not displacing a senior who wants to take the class, I’m able to attend even though I’m not a senior citizen. And it’s only $3 a class! I’ve been going to the class for a few months now and I love it. I […]

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Holly Jolly Secrets of Gingerbread Penguins

First, a holiday lesson from Lelly: “If you put red hots in your nose, it will really hurt! I won’t put a red hot in my nose ever again! I will just put the red hots in my mouth.” Lelly decorated gingerbread with her friend Sam a few weeks ago. His mom built a train […]

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Napkin & Sock Ghostie

Lelly has been very excited this year for Halloween. At almost three years of age, she totally gets the idea of dressing up and has been looking forward to trick-or-treating as Woody, the family dog of my childhood. And thanks to a Tex and Indi story in the October High Five magazine, she now LOVES […]

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A Cuff with a Twist (of wire)

Here’s a cuff bracelet I made! I’ve been playing with a few iterations of this bracelet for the last several weeks. After a few false starts (a too-fast increase rate and Stockinette edges that rolled) I came up with this seed stitch almost-triangle, and I’m really happy with how it turned out. The cuff incorporates […]

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This morning I looked out my window to see frost all over the ground, or as I like to call it, The Most Wintry Winter Weather I’ve Ever Experienced at My Very Own Home. We got dressed up warmly and went out to look at it! Lelly looks so cute in her hat and boots. […]

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Customize this little guy to make a cool holiday gift

I love this little guy! I finished it a couple days ago and it’s awesome. Here’s the guy with its bigger sibling, the Stripey Monster. I started out just making a tiny Stripey Monster with self-striping sock yarn, but after I attached the arms and legs, Lelly loved it so much, I decided it was […]

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Lelly’s Second Halloween

I’ve never seen a shirt that says “Baby’s Second Halloween” (or “Baby’s Second” anything, for that matter), but at 21 months, Lelly’s second Halloween was way more fun than her first. We carved the pumpkins we got at the pumpkin patch. Lelly’s was an owl; mine was a weird face inspired by the big ol’ […]

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Garden and Orchard Happenings

Yesterday was a gorgeous day, one of those cool, partly cloudy days right after a rain where everything is fresh. After I put Lelly down for her nap I went out to check on my garden. This is a rosebush that I pruned a few weeks ago, with Donna’s help. When we were pruning, there […]

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Pumpkin Patch!

On Saturday my mom, dad, and sister came up to visit, and we joined Daniel’s mom at the local pumpkin patch. It had a hay pyramid. I climbed it, too, but Daniel and Lelly really had a ball.   There was also a hay maze. At first, all Lelly wanted to do was sit in […]

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This week on the ranch

This week has been fun! Here are some of the picture-worthy things we did. We worked on Lelly’s Halloween costume. She’s going to be BMO from Adventure Time. This week she said, “Check, please!” and she already likes to say “BMO chop!” She is very excited both to be BMO and to go trick-or-treating. She […]

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